COVID-19 Safety

Saunders Farm has spent nearly 30 years designing amazing experiences that are fun, whimsical, scary, and safe.

Our newest attraction, THE SAWMILL at Lansdowne, has been designed to exceed the provincially mandated COVID-19 health and safety protocols, ensuring every guest, as well as our valued team, remains healthy and happy.


Here is an overview of what you can
expect during your visit:

All of our guests must purchase their tickets online at Digital tickets allow for a contactless and reliable ticket-buying experience. There are no walk-up / on-site tickets available for purchase.


Tickets are only available for specific booking windows, allowing only 50 guests to be on site every 15 minutes to comply with Public Health guidance, ensuring that everyone is arriving and departing at different times and maintaining proper social distancing on-site.

Social Distancing markings ensure that guests remain at a safe distance from one another on arrival, in queue lines, within the attraction, and while in lines for food and beverage service.

We require masks to be worn upon entering each line, while in the attraction, or anytime you are unable to practice social distancing (2 metres) from guests that are not part of your group/bubble.

Socially distant batching is in effect to ensure groups of guests are staggered through the attraction. This provides everyone with a safe and scary experience.


THE SAWMILL follows a pre-determined route that guests will take in order to maintain flow and promote social distancing. Each grouping is accompanied by a host.

Within the attraction there are no touch points. The attraction is contactless and our actors remain at a distance.​​

On-site restrooms undergo frequent cleaning that exceeds public health guidelines. Frequent cleaning using 'Peroxide Multi-Surface Disinfectant and Cleaner' ensures that our restrooms are effectively sanitized multiple times each hour by a dedicated cleaning staff member.

​In accordance with Ottawa Public Health guidelines, we require masks to be worn while within our indoor restrooms.

On-site food is served using single use packaging and utensils in order to decrease communal and reused materials. Trays are fully sanitized between uses, should they be required. Our condiments are served in single portioned units to avoid communal usage.

OCTOBER 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, AND 31